A November Day in Montmartre

I was up in Montmartre with the daughter of an Internet friend, Paulita, and we had a fabulous cool sunny day to have a look around.

We saw some French school children excited to find I Love You in French on the Love Wall.

I missed most of the red leaves of Autumn while I was gone but loved this little line of leaves on a tomb in St Vincent’s Cemetery.

A statue on the tomb of Utrillo there.

The sun was shining through the windows of the little church. The columns sort of looked lit from inside as if they were transparent.

5 thoughts to “A November Day in Montmartre”

  1. Linda, Thanks so much for showing Grace the amazing things you did in Montmartre. And now these photos can help me pretend I saw them too. Funny how that one vine of leaves hung on until you got home so you wouldn’t miss the red!

  2. Oh, that column is gorgeous in the light.
    The children look so dear even from behind.
    The line of red leaves look like red hearts strung across the stone.

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