Bon Ton

Right down the street from the beautiful store, Merci, is a children’s store called Bon Ton. It’s full of really great things for children but it’s very expensive. All I bought were some cake decorations in the pirate theme.

The cute decorations in the window.

I thought this was interesting-photos of children with “real” clothing glued on, sort of decopage. I’m not sure if I could pull this off or not.

A sweet little display.

Isn’t this lovely? I’m sure a little girl would love to wear this.

Toy animal heads for decorating a wall. Loved them.

5 thoughts to “Bon Ton”

  1. Looks like a really creative store. I wonder if Grace could make one of those wreaths with the streamers. I’ll have to tell her to go look at it. Great photos.

  2. With 4 grandsons from 7 mos. to age 5, I can’t resist a nice children’s shop- I always manage to fine something. I’d be right in the door!

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