Before and After

For quite a few years girls have been leaving “kisses” on the tomb of Oscar Wilde at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. I read that the lipstick itself was causing damage to the tomb so they have surrounded it with a see through plastic wall.

Here it is with the lipstick kisses all over.

You can see that the stone is absorbing the lipstick.

A look at the Assyrian God with its lips also colored.

Now here it is all clean with with the wall around it. I’m surprised they didn’t cover the whole thing as I can see someone climbing over.

As you can see, kisses are being left on the plastic wall itself.

While I was there, two girls started putting on lipstick and I knew they were planning on leaving some lipstick grafitti.

As you can see here.

7 thoughts to “Before and After”

  1. What an odd tradition! But it was fun to have a glimpse of this! Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well in your life, Linda! Happy holidays.

  2. I don’t understand how people think they can do that to someone’s memorial. I suppose their hearts are in the right place though.

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