Not Winter Yet

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather here in Paris and I went to the Luxembourg Gardens to get some photos of their autumn flowers and some trees that still have fall colors.

The Medici fountain there is lines with mums.

Closer to the other end of the fountain.

I always love these urns and they almost always put in purplish mums in them each year.

There’s a smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty which looks great against the yellow of the tree behind it.

I always love the long strips of shade in autumn.

All alone.

9 thoughts to “Not Winter Yet”

  1. It’s nice to prolong the autumn as long as possible. We stayed in the 50s until the first week of December, so I shouldn’t complain, but this 20 degree weather is forcing me to stay inside rather than running. I’d better get over that.

  2. Lovely Chrysanthemum photos.
    It was warm here but the last few nights have plunged to freezing so I suppose the warm autumn is now over and winter is on the way finally.

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