Pere Lachaise

While I was at Pere Lachaise looking at the new glass wall installed around Oscar Wilde’s tomb, I looked around at other objects while the sun was out. It was raining off and on all day and there was only a window of about thirty minutes before the rain and dark skies returned.

A kitty cat. There are quite a few living in the cemetery and they are all wild and won’t let you get near them.

Isn’t this unusual? It was on a door of the area where ashes are kept near the crematorium.

A permanent flower.

I like this tomb. I’ve taken photos of it before. It looks like the weather is slowing erasing it though.

I always thinks this tomb looks a little scary.

2 thoughts to “Pere Lachaise”

  1. I think most tombs look kind of scary, but I suppose that was more popular in the past. The tips of those fingers breaking through the dome are kind of bizarre. Is the dead person trying to escape…or is it a symbol for something?

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