Christmas Lights on Montmartre

We were up for drinks and dinner the other night in Montmartre with friends and I liked seeing the lights which I often miss as my usual time there is during the day.

An advertisement on the side of a car promoting living in Montmartre.

Some lovely Christmas lights hung over the street. The main shopping street in our neighborhood didn’t do lights this year so it’s nice to see them elsewhere.

A Christmas tree seen through a window.

Not Christmasy, but it’s hard to beat the steps of Montmartre at night lined with street lamps. It always gives me a wonderful feeling to see them. They are the source of many famous photographs.

6 thoughts to “Christmas Lights on Montmartre”

  1. Lovely. There’s something so alluring about Paris lit up at night. I just watched Midnight in Paris again and can’t believe you get to live it everyday!

  2. Hi Linda – I’ve been traveling so much and no time to keep up – but just want to tell you Bob and I often think of you and hope all is well in your lovely corner of the world.

    Have a great Christmas celebration in Switzerland – perhaps you’ll have a white one which will be fun!

    Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year.
    Hugs Mary

  3. seems like this part of paris is quite dim at this time of the year! but montmatre is a really beautiful and lovely district. 🙂

    merry christmas to you and your family! may you have good tidings coming to you all year round!

  4. I loved Montmartre when I was in Paris. With the lights it looks all dressed up and ready for a party. Thanks for showing us

  5. Wonderful photos as always.
    Thank you for another year of beauty and smiles from your lovely blog. It really does make my day to come and see what you have shared.

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