There is a well known restaurant in Paris called Spring and the chef and owner there is an American, Daniel Rose. Right around the corner is a smaller place where you can only get their famous soup, called bouillon, and wine.

A glass of wine in front of some of the saussicon that they have there, along with cheese. They always have four wines available to serve and have wine tastings too.

The bouillon being prepared in the open kitchen. This is a soup that was once served around les Halles, the huge market that was once in the center of Paris. It is a really rich chicken broth with some chicken and vegetables but you seldom get broth this rich or veggies this fresh.

In fact, here is a photo of what the old market at les Halles looked like. Can you imagine being there? I would have loved to have seen it. A friend of mine did.

Here’s the bouillon all prepared. It’s really good. It also had a poached egg in it, not my favorite thing so I let it sit in the hot broth until the end so the yolk wouldn’t be runny. So fresh.

I hardly ever eat bread but when there’s butter, I find it hard to resist-and I didn’t.

A very nice place with very nice people working there. A good place to stop for a light lunch and it’s right in the neighborhood of the Louvre museum.

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  1. This looks like my kinda place! Would love to have some of the bouillon followed by a sausage and cheese platter with wine mmmm. Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Hello Linda! This sounds so delightful and delicious. I’d do the same with the egg, cannot abide a runny yolk.

    I hope you had a good Christmas, and send all the best to you and yours for the New Year. I look forward to visiting Paris and other places through your eyes over the next 12 months.

  3. Great post, Linda! Adding the vintage photo of Les Halles was a nice addition. I remember an egg on top of a pizza in Germany, and realize I don’t like eggs in odd places.

  4. Are both restaurants called “SPRING”?

    I have never seen bouillon with veggies in it (I thought bouillon was just broth). This looks delicious. I have tried many recipes for “rich” chicken broth but mine always tastes the same,not matter what I do.


  5. The boullion looks delicious. When I was in les halles, a lifetime ago, I had onion soup. After all of the holiday parties, I should stick to a regime of boullion for awhile!

    Happy New Year to you and Maurice…good health, good friends, good times. And enjoy that new grand baby.

  6. Best wishes dear, hope this New Year will be a great one for you.

    The pic of the old Les Halles brought back memories of when Bob and I were there VERY early one morning in the ’60’s. We had French onion soup in one of the the little cafes – were amazed to see the market workers swigging back the vin rouge at that hour!!!!

    Hope your holidays have been wonderful with the family.
    Our love, Mary & Bob

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