Rue Cler

An interesting street in Paris in the 7th made famous by Rick Steves is Rue Cler. I personally like a little shopping street in my neighborhood better and there is a really great one up on Montmartre as well, but I was in the area the other day and here are a few photos from there.

Oysters for sale in front of a window with some Christmas lights.

Colorful roses for sale.

A row of table and chairs waiting for customers. It was a little windy and rainy so I imagine most people chose to go inside.

I like this little sign for a boulangerie there.

And not far from Rue Cler is the Eiffel Tower. There was a dramatic sky from the rains and I thought it was a great background for the monument.

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  1. The Eiffel Tower picture should definitely be a poster. Awesome. What is Rue Cler famous for? How can we find the charming street you prefer? Never mind. I’ll ask you next time I’m coming to Paris, which should be about when the last of my three children graduates from college. Only six more years.

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