Some Strange Things

Not everything is fabulous and beautiful in Paris. I see some strange things sometimes-and some awful things such as a homeless man taking a dump between two parked cars on the street. That certainly took the bloom off the rose as I hurried on down the street gagging.

Hmmm. This caught my eye in an art gallery in the 6th.

A skull decorated with feathers in the same art gallery.

There’s a sort of medical store on rue Jacob with books and models to be used by, I assume, mostly doctors and medical students. They had models in the window of people whose faces had been injured that were done a century ago.

This isn’t strange but I always find it amusing. If a Frenchman (not usually a woman) really likes their meal and there are good juices or gravy left on the plate, they will use a piece of bread and get up every bit of it until it’s almost not necessary to clean the plate. They can also get every piece of meat off of a bone, as with a chicken leg or ribs not picking it up and all of the Frenchmen sitting at my table ate their cheeseburgers with a knife and fork.

PS-I’m still in Switzerland waiting for that baby. I was booked to go home this Monday but have extended my trip another week. I’m enjoying my grandsons at the moment.

4 thoughts to “Some Strange Things”

  1. Hi Linda. You do find some unusual things in Paris! I’m thankful I never saw anyone taking a dump when I was there…

    Your last comment about eating cheeseburgers with knife and form reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where people began eating candy bars and cookies the same way. It does keep one’s hands clean!

  2. Oh, yuk! Not the usual image we have of a debonair frenchman.

    This is an interesting post, Linda. There always have been unusual shops on rue Jacob but I don’t remember that medical shop. It’s kind of creepy. The art IS rather eye-catching!

  3. Ha! Those are odd! And I know exactly what you mean about the French cleaning their plates! I thought it was just me being silly. Happy New Year! Congrats on your grandbaby to be! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the slightly grotesque slights (except for the plate which isn’t grotesque at all). I bet your grandsons and daughter-in-law are glad to have you while she waits for that next baby.

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