While Waiting

My newest grandson just doesn’t want to make an appearance yet so I rescheduled my return ticket to Paris and am hanging out in Switzerland cooking, baking brownies and cleaning although the expectant mother has been cleaning like crazy as she wills her labor to start. We took a nice walk the other day and ended up at a convent which is not far up above my son’s house.

We had a sunny, cool day with still no snow as you can see.

A view of Lake Lugano in the distance.

To get to the convent, we had to trudge up these steps.

Those nuns have a killer view up there at the top of the hill.

You pull this bell if you want to speak to a nun but there was a sign asking tourists not to do so.

This pretty little church was half way up the hill in Bigorio if you couldn’t make it up to the convent.

A almost full moon climbed the sky as we headed back home and the air chilled.

9 thoughts to “While Waiting”

  1. Lovely photos — I’m pleased to see you have sunshine in the Ticino. It remains gray in Zurich. Blessings to the baby-on-the-way!

  2. She hiked up THAT and still didn’t go into labor? What the heck? Also very strange to see Switzerland without snow in January! Heard Austria just got pounded with some very heavy snowfall, somewhere, but maybe that was on the eastern side away from Switzerland.

  3. What Lisa said: She hiked those stairs and still didn’t go into labor? Lets see, what started my second labor? I went on a mega grocery shopping trip and stocked up on food for my mom and step-father who had come for the birth. Unloading the groceries did the trick for me.

  4. I’d be concerned that she is going so far overdue- that baby might be getting very large, as my son did. Love the angel pulling the bell rope!

  5. quel joli paysage….meilleurs voeux pour la future Maman qui a la chance d’avoir la presence d’une gentille belle-mere pour la seconder!

  6. As others said, those stairs and no labor??? Lovely pictures, and I like the way the painted bell pull and angel seem to be part of the physical bell pull.

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