Still Waiting

I guess the baby didn’t get the memo about his due date. There was a full moon last night and I was hoping it would do its thing as it often does on pregnant women but it didn’t work for us. So a few more photos of what else was going on around here in Switzerland.

My son has recently really gotten into cooking. This is a pizza he doctored up. It started out as a plain one euro pizza. He carmelized some onions to put on top and then spread a layer of parmesan cheese over it all. It was really good.

I’ve been making lots of brownies. As you can see, the 3 year old likes to like the bowl.

A car from China. I think it’s the first one I’ve seen.

The back of the church in my son’s village. Look at the living quarters attached to the church. I wonder if the priest lives there?

The bell tower on the church. I’m intrigued by the wheels by the bells. I’m assuming they were there so the bells could be rung by ropes from down below so no one had to climb the tower.

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  1. The pizza looks yummy and that grandson with chocolate is adorable. Enjoy your waiting time. I’m sure your grandsons will always remember this time with their grandmother. How did you get lucky enough to have a son who moved to Europe? Was he there when you got married and moved or did he come after?

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