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I don’t have any fresh photos of Paris but I do have some videos I took in New Orleans and Fort Worth so I thought someone might like to see them. And, big news, my newest grandson finally arrived on Wednesday afternoon. His name is Liam Joseph and he weighed over eight pounds. Here’s a photo of him although I think baby photos show very little of what they will look like in a few months. I thought he looked like his oldest brother myself.

His brothers were all around him very excited and curious. My son now has to get new copies of his and his wife’s birth certificates, a new copy of their marriage certificate, then get them translated into three languages (they speak German, French and Italian in Switzerland along with an old Swiss language) and then pay to have it all submitted for the new birth certificate for Liam. (Latest news-they might accept his previous papers for the last baby born here in Switzerland. Fingers crossed) By the way, just because a baby of a foreigner is born in Switzerland doesn’t mean he will be automatically granted Swiss citizenship. I think they can apply for it in six years(?) and my son says they will all apply as a family for dual citizenship. That way his children can choose which country they want to live in and if they want to go to a university in Switzerland or the States. The schools in Switzerland are said to be very good. I was asked when my son came to Switzerland. The answer is he came after I had lived in France for five or six years. The fact that I lived in Europe helped him get a job where he did and also made him want to live in Europe. It’s nice to have a least part of my family on the same continent.

Here are a few short videos I took in New Orleans.

A one man band. He told us he goes all over the States playing and picking up inspiration.

Life jazz on a street in New Orleans.

This looks like a fun way to end a wedding: a march down the street following a jazz band.

Bourbon Street which was crazy busy on a week night in Oct. You are allowed to carry drinks around the streets and, believe me, it looked like everyone was. I left after just a few minutes as I don’t like crowds with drunk people in them.

One day we took the steamboat along the river near New Orleans. It’s a lovely, restful way to see New Orleans and the surrounding countryside-much of which is below the level of the river. A man played on some sort of instrument using the steam to make music. It was very loud.

This video is from Fort Worth, Texas. We spent some time in Texas visiting relatives and decided to see the “cattle drive” that goes right down a street at the Stockyards which used to be where cattle were driven to and processed. It’s now a tourist area and they do a twice daily drive where the long horned steer slowly plod past. I expected a little more speed but I guess it’s much safer this way.

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  1. Congrats on your newest grandson! And thanks for the videos. I wish I could get to New Orleans more often. If you like it there, you should check out the TV show “Treme,” if you can find a way to get access to it in France.

  2. Hooray! And congratulations on the much-awaited little Liam. (I love that name) Daughter-in-law must be so relieved after such a long wait. Baby Liam is adorable and lucky to be a big guy – life will be easier for the entire family, as he will sleep through the night sooner than would a tiny little one. Everyone must be very happy to have you there to lend a hand.

  3. Congratulations to you, and your beautiful grandchildren, and your DIL. Bet she’s relieved! That’s a lovely picture of them.

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