My daughter in law, Angela, is very creative and was never more so than she was waiting for the baby to arrive. Two days before he came she put together this angel wreath.

Blue feathers and other decorative features.

Isn’t this cute?

Little baby boy shoes.

The reason for it all.

And, finally, for anyone who wants to see a short video of Liam. I know most people could care less about photos or videos of other people’s babies. I have mainly put this up for relatives of Angela as I know they read this blog. I thought Liam looked especially bright eyed and interested for a four day old. I’m not prejudiced of course.

12 thoughts to “Angels”

  1. Oh, he’s gorgeous, and you’re right that he seems fascinated with the world around him. I even put off going to the gym so I could watch him!

  2. Linda, what a beautiful little boy! I haven’t seen a newborn in quite a while, and I was enchanted watching your video. I found myself grinning and laughing at his very bright and attentive little face. I’m sure I saw a tiny grin when his father whistled. He’s adorable.

    I like that angel wreath too.

  3. What a darling and engaged baby Liam is. Thanks for sharing this and your DIL’s creativity. Love the wreath.

    I never tire of baby photos and videos, so keep them coming!


  4. How precious he is! I watched the video with a big smile. That adorable little yawn…and the big eyes taking in the world. He’s an absolute delight. And how wonderful for you to be there and to snuggle him against your chest. Sometimes I hunger to hold a little one again.

  5. Good grief he is so adorable and alert. He was even smiling already.
    He’s wonderful. I am glad you shared the video. Never bored seeing people’s families.

  6. Loved the video of Liam. If you hadn’t said how old he is, I would never guessed only 4 days!! He’s even smiling!

    Thanks for sharing him!

  7. I don’t seem to know the ‘most people’ who don’t like photos or videos of babies…I’m always happy to admire one. They certainly don’t stay small for long, enjoy it while he is!!

  8. tres impressionnant….Mozart n’a qu’a bien se tenir, ce bebe va devenir le futur Papageno de sa generation:

  9. Hi Linda, Happy New Year. We’re back from our trip “down under”. You newest grandson is so handsome. Congraulations and enjoy him.

    The wreath is VERY creative.

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