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I’ve only been back in Paris for a few days and it’s really cold out there-beautiful blue skies but below freezing every morning. Because of that and the fact that I picked up a cold on the way home, I haven’t been out of the apartment much so I went through my photos and thought I would post a few that never made it to my blog for one reason or the other.

A grafitti of Alfred Hitchcock.

I think the lettering on her skirt may have been added after the original was done but it sort of fits.

I saw this little girl wearing her crown from my apartment. I was sort of afraid she might get on the ledge and fall but she mostly seemed to dream. Luckily, she was soon brought inside.

Doesn’t this look great? I can’t wait until it’s warm again and people can sit outside to eat. This was in a square not far from the Luxembourg Gardens.

A look at the past in le Train Bleu, the restaurant at Gare de Lyon. I love to go in there and look around. I once sat in one of these seats years ago when I first came to Paris and Maurice and I had a meal there.

5 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. The little dreamer is so sweet!

    We’re also dealing with a winter cold – actually more like flu. Hope you bounce back soon.

  2. Green with envy thinking of you in the apartment, cold weather outside and a good cup of tea inside. Loved days like that in Paris! Hope you’re feeling better soon though!

  3. Linda,
    Glad you’re back in Paris but sorry you’re not well. Great way to spend the day though, going through old photos.
    The little girl with the galette crown is just what you think when you think of French children. Lovely.
    Enjoy the blue skies.

  4. Beautiful! I need to do the same. Of course, I am still taking as many photos as usual, I just need to blog about them! Great idea!

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