Here and There

I still haven’t been outside with my camera. I’m feeling low on energy and drive, especially since it’s going to be raining or misting off and on for the next two weeks. I am going out for lunch today and will have my trusty camera with me so I’m hoping to have some new material. In the meantime, here are some IPhone photos. It’s really fun to use my IPhone for photos as there are all sorts of apps to apply. I recently read about a bunch of new to me apps that I plan to download and give a try.

I love seeing items through blurry glass. This was in a restaurant but I no longer remember the name.

Same place but bottles this time.

A look at the spiral staircase in the lobby of the Louvre Museum.

Maurice’s son told me McDonald’s had a bagel hamburger so one day I gave it a try. It was pretty good but, to tell the truth, I like the regular bun better.

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