Another American Cafe

I don’t know if the French love Americans(they do)-I am often asked this-but, one thing for sure, they sure do seem to love Americana and cafes set up to look like an American burger joint from the 60’s. I don’t know if it’s due to movies and TV, which I suspect is true, but I am seeing more and more places for American food. The other day I finally got out of the apartment and went out for lunch at a new place called le Fils Rouge.

A look at the menu. It’s not a good place for a diet.

There is, of course, a counter with seats that turn.

Advertising food to go. I saw a young man eating one of those double burgers.

This little tableau was set up in the bathroom behind the toilet. The walls were covered with various American objects and old advertisements.

The door to the toilet. Many French people I have met seem particularly taken with Route 66. Maurice and I traveled along part of it in Arizona a few years ago. There are only sections of it left now but some cafes and stores along Route 66 have that 60’s look.

You have to have a juke box of course. There wasn’t a Fonzi hanging out though.

4 thoughts to “Another American Cafe”

  1. Ah. That probably helps if you’re ever feeling homesick. It does look similar to so many American burger joints. Food to go! Oh la la!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Have to tell you that you were in my dreams last night. I had gone to Paris and you and I were sitting in a courtyard of an apartment building (it was round with the center portion with green grass and parking for cars). And every dog that went by was a French Bulldog! I asked you if it was good to go to Montmartre in the morning and you told me that I should go in the afternoon because there was too much sun in the morning. It was so realistic!! Funny how different things I’ve read on your blog over the years kind of just threaded in with other things (like my friends bulldogs!) 🙂

    Just had to share to give you a smile!

    Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

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