Finally, vegetables!

Like millions of French women, according to publicity, I decided to try Dr Dukan’s Diet. It’s fairly easy as the first five days (there are four sections to the diet) consists of just protein as in meat, chicken, fish and other seafood-as much as you want. No veggies, no carbs, no wine and lots of water. The results are rather dramatic and I lost about nine pounds in five days. I was craving something other than meat by the end of those five days and am now in the part of the diet where I can add vegetables every other day-except for potatoes, rice and beans-and, I have to tell you, they taste so good. The weight loss will now slow down but continue but once I reach the weight I want, I switch to the third section and finally the fourth where I am hopefully going to be able to keep the weight off. We will see. I’ve done diets before and usually the weight returns. I’m interested to see if what the Dr. recommends works. I hope so. I didn’t want to go to any businesses, such as Jenny Craig, as I don’t like going in and weighing and all of that. I told a doctor that we go to that I had lost weight on Dr. Dukan’s Diet and she told me that she hated it and that she considered it dangerous and that it would lead to me gaining more weight but if I would make another appointment and come in, she would set me up with her diet. She has “nutritionist” after her MD but I’ve seen part of her diet that she had Maurice on which included soft cheese and a baguette a day which seemed strange to me. I decided to stick with what I am doing and see how it goes.

I watched the first season of Downton Abbey here in Paris a month or so ago and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing the second season. It got me to thinking about a lovely home I saw in England the last time I was there with an enormous kitchen which once held a huge staff to keep care of the family there so I went back and looked at the photos. Here are a few of the kitchens which had many separate rooms devoted to various parts of a meal, such as a room for making desserts.

For cleaning up the floors. I thought it was rather decorative.

A pretty container which I think might have been for fermenting things. I could be wrong.

I took this because I liked the blue wall.

This wasn’t in the kitchen but was, in fact, the suitcase of a son who had died in the war. I was amazed at the contents.

5 thoughts to “Finally, vegetables!”

  1. I saw a few episodes of season 2 in the States recently. Enjoyed it too.
    Re. Diet you are talking about/Dukan it has now as many people against it as to Atkins years ago…But willing to do it for 2 weeks if it works. Need my veggies and am not a big meat eater.

  2. We love Downton Abbey.

    Be careful with those fad diets, Linda. Nine pounds in 5 days is pretty dramatic but not at the expense of your long-term health. The fad here is some sort of estrogen diet that takes off 30 pounds in one month, but I think it’s quite dangerous. Some people use an estrogen cream and some have shots that simulate pregnancy, which alledgedly readjusts one’s metabolism.

  3. I was just reading yesterday that someone can get a certificate online, stating that s/he is a certified nutritionist!

    Not so with a dietician, which requires specific training and licensing.

  4. the little broom and shovel are rather to clean bread crumbs of the table than on the floor…I have the same, with beautiful inlay
    Bonne journée

  5. Hello everyone!
    I am new to posting, however I always read…so enjoy all the pics!

    I may be wrong, but isn’t Dr. Dukan’s diet the very one the family of Catherine Middleton-Dutchess of Cambridge used? They had wonderful results and I believe have in fact been able to keep the weight off.

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