This and That Again

I still haven’t been out much except to the grocery store. Part of it is the rainy weather and part is this diet I am on. I almost have to be home to have the food I’m supposed to eat so I’m not dropping into cafes at the moment although I did manage to get a very expensive chicken broquette the other day. I did go to the movies yesterday if that counts. I saw the latest Sherlock Holmes movie which I liked due to the humor but mostly to the fact that some of it was set in Paris which they manage to make look over a century old I’m sure due to computer enhancement. Parts of Paris, of course, don’t need changing as it is still as it has been for hundreds of years.

Now, can you not only rent bicycles in Paris, you can rent little cars. They have space for three of these at Nation but they almost always seem to be gone but I finally saw one the other night.

It’s an electric car and if you look closely you can see the electric cord behind the car. Interesting concept. I’m sure someone will figure out a way to steal one.

Bercy Village seen from on high at the movie theater.

A short video I took at Bercy Village where I often go to see movies at the theater there.

2 thoughts to “This and That Again”

  1. Hibernating is very tempting in the winter. My excuse is the number of papers I have to grade. All those car and bicycle rentals may really revolutionize the way people get around, huh?

  2. Isn’t the weather crazy – rain in the winter! Good luck on the diet and it sounds like things are going well. Keep it up! Isn’t it great when veggies are the best thing on the menu??

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