Chinese New Year

Last year I missed the Chinese New Year parade in China Town and was so disappointed. I love going and seeing the colorful costumes, hearing the firecrackers and feeling at times like I am in another country. I thought I had missed it again as the actual day has passed but luckily for me, they had a parade Sunday afternoon. When I read the weather forecast a week ago, rain/snow showers were forecasted. Happily, the weather changed and though it was cold, there were blue skies and a wintery sun.

There were signs like this along the street which I think means good health as I saw one in French too.

Pretty girls everywhere as they wait for the parade to start.

I was wondering why these guys were wearing these pants and finally figured out that they were the dragon that dances down the street. Lots of drums as they move and firecrackers often go off.

I loved all of the color on the parade participants. They are not afraid of color.

This happy guy first did those gangster/rap hand signs but finally changed to this.

The parade hadn’t started yet so these girl’s “horses” were on the ground.

Some more lovely girls.

Took this for the colors.

These ladies did one of those charming dances with fans.

Two dragons fighting. This is the year of the dragon by the way.

5 thoughts to “Chinese New Year”

  1. What an array of gorgeous colors. Even if the sun wasn’t out, you would have found plenty of light at this parade. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. the characters are mainly wishing everyone a prosperous year of the dragon – prosperity means a lot in the traditional greetings of the chinese.

    the last pic is actually a lion dance. a dragon dance would be much, much longer in length and require more performers.

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