After The Gray

I was out the other morning doing some speed walking and was just blown away by the blue sky. It has been gray here for weeks and it is such a spirit lifter to finally see that blue. Of course, since I wrote this the gray skies are back, the temperatures are in the 30’s and snow is expected this weekend.

As usual when I am exercising, I was at Promenade Plantee. This is a bridge that goes over a large expanse of grass where, in the summer, people get out in the sun.

There’s one area where they are always doing artistic looking things, this time with wood.

The promenade takes you between these two buildings which I like the look of.

I’m always taking photos of this police station with the line of sculptures and wonder who thought to do this there.

Someone wrote this on the steps going up to the street. I often call Maurice Frenchy.

3 thoughts to “After The Gray”

  1. Glad you got to enjoy the sunshine while it made a brief appearance. We’ve had weather in the low 60s for two days in a row now. I’m loving this weather.

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