Not My Best Week

I’ve been having a string of bad luck. First of all, the weather. This isn’t really bad luck but it has confined me to our apartment. I just don’t like to get outside when it’s really cold and especially when there is a wind chill on top of it.

Current Conditions in Paris

28°F / -2°C
Feels like 15°F / -2°C
Wind: NNE at 21 mph / 34 km/h
Humidity: 32%
Pressure: 30.3 inches / 1026 mb
Sunrise: 8:17 AM
Sunset: 5:49 PM
Conditions updated at Thu, 02 Feb 2012 3:28 pm CET
Today’s forecast
Hi: 28°F / -2°C
Lo: 16°F / -9°C
Notice the wind chill of 15 degrees F. That’s really chilly. A cold front from Siberia has moved down into Europe and we went from those days in the 50’s and 60’s to this. I’m wondering if we can get a cheap flight to some warm tropical island somewhere.

A photo from last Spring. I haven’t been outside except for quick trips to the grocery store wrapped in every winter accessory that I have along with a very heavy coat that gives me the silhouette of a bear. And, as I stated before, I am on that Dr. Dukan Diet which requires keeping certain foods in the house. I miss those days when I cut myself a slice of cheese and pour a glass of wine for “dinner”. And I have to cook a lot so I’m always washing dishes. The diet is working though but the weight loss has really slowed down with the introduction of vegetables so I don’t know how much longer I will be doing this. I really want to continue to the end so I don’t gain the weight back. You have to sort of trick your body because it is just waiting to start adding those pounds back again. I’m not sure how much I want to lose, I just know I want to get rid of my fat waistline.

Gosh, this looks great. I’m looking forward to being out again without my heavy winter coat. Back to Dr. Dukan’s Diet. If you are squeamish stop reading here. The other day I was making one of the recipes in the diet book and was using a mandoline (which comes with all sorts of warnings to be careful with the blade) to try and slice the eggplant and, you guessed it, I sliced off a part of my thumb. In retrospect, I should of run down to our pharmacy where they do things like help stop minor bleeding but, being an ex-nurse, and not wanting to try my luck at an emergency room, I put some ointment on the area, wrapped several quickly soaked bandaids on my thumb, applied pressure and kept my hand up. It finally stopped bleeding after two hours. I was afraid to take off the bandage because I knew it would bleed again so I left it on until the next afternoon when I discovered that the bandaid was now welded to my wound. I had to soak my thumb for three hours in warm water and then hydrogen pyroxide before it finally came free and then, of course, it bled some more. I can now mostly go without a bandage but it’s going to be a long healing time. Maurice wanted me to throw my mandoline away but surely I will safely use it from now on.

I’m looking forward to all of the blooming plants that can be seen once Spring is here. A few days ago, just as the cold front was moving in, I bundled up and went out for a speed walk. My face got really cold and I took off my glasses and put them in my pocket and when I returned home, they were gone. I had an appointment or I would have gone back out to see I could find them and now it’s so cold I don’t want to go outside. I can’t find my old pair of glasses although I found three pair that Maurice has. I think they must be packed in storage in Provence. I can do pretty well for distance without them but reading is hard so I turn on a bright light and put on my prescription sunglasses. I no longer have my old prescription and have to go to a doctor and I can’t get in until Monday and then there will be that wait for new glasses to be made. I could kick myself for so many things but that doesn’t do any good so I’ll just carry on as best I can and wait for warmer days.

9 thoughts to “Not My Best Week”

  1. What rotten luck! I’d say “Bummer” but think that might be dating myself – is that a 70’s type thing to say? Stay warm, and can’t you have something as a treat – you deserve one! Your Spring picture of the flowers is lovely. I was out today gathering up leaves to uncover the bulbs’ green shoots so they can get some sun – hurray – hope it happens soon in Paris.

  2. I’m so with you, Linda! I can’t wait for warmer temps — this cold really does feel extraordinary for Paris. Although, there is one spot of light (literally) in it for me. There is SUNLIGHT. With the crisp — freezing – weather, the sunshine and blue sky is amazing! I practically needed sunglasses when I was out today! This is extraordinary in a Paris winter, and the sunshine is doing my brain some good. I’m one of those for whom the gloom of usual Paris winter weather makes very sad and sluggish. The sunshine makes me smile. The cold has me seeking shelter, though. Brrrrr.

    Let me extend my congratulations for the birth of Baby Liam. I’ve been reading all the posts, just not taken to comment until now, and wanted to tell you how adorable he is!

    Thank you for ALL the terrific posts over the past couple of weeks. You have such a wonderful blog, Linda, and I admire it a lot. 🙂 Thanks for all the pictures and the thoughts and experiences that go with them.

    Stay warm. 🙂

  3. I cut off a piece of the side of my thumb the first time I used my Cuisinart food processor in 1982. I did go to the ER – they dressed it for me and gave me instructions. I had a numb area on that thumb for a year or so, but eventually it regenerated, nerves and all.

    I could not live without my mandolin!

    What were you going to do with the eggplant after you thinly sliced it?

    Be well!


  4. Greetings from the low country(holland)! it’s absolutely frigid over here, this is my first entire winter (without trips to warmer climates) in europe and it has been almost unbearable– I’ve been thinking of a move to the south of france, do you ever escape down there, I think they have more sun? what a commodity! sun! never though I would miss it so much!

  5. How awful! Sometimes it pays just to hole up under the covers with a good book. Of course that doesn’t do much in the calorie-burning department but does wonders for the soul. (and for those “glasses-less days,” you can make the print larger on the Kindle.). Keep on smiling and stay warm. Thinking of you from sunny California.

  6. i find your notes interesting but think you do need to get out more? i can say that as i live in singapore where we’re also in winter but temperature is 27 instead of 29 and very pleasant. almost need a jumper at times. However, i do follow europes troubles, and weather, as i have a property in provence which i simply can’t wait to visit. Either down the A7′, the TGV or MRS whenever you get onto the plateau you can feel people’s spirits lift ans the sky turns raiant blue. Now that’s something we can all look forward to. cherrs

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