Seen in Montmartre

I met a friend up on Montmartre the other day. It was so cold that basically we hurried from the metro to the restaurant and back again after lunch but I did get a few photos.

Seen in the window of a French clothing shop. It seemed strange to see a sign in English and I wonder how many French people “get it”.

A rather famous boulangerie is found up there.

This is why: best baguette in Paris in 2011. I didn’t buy one as I didn’t want to carry it home on the metro but I should have.

They have lots of other goodies in there too. Part of the reason Paris is so famous-its pastries.

P.S. Some time ago a lady wrote me about a photo I took in Provence with a sign saying “Bonjour”. I can no longer find her email but if you are reading this, that photo was not in high definition and could only be made into a small photo, not a poster sized photo.

5 thoughts to “Seen in Montmartre”

  1. Shopping, blogging…it’s all cheaper than a psy ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband was in La Defense yesterday and he said it’s even colder there than here. Hard to imagine…

  2. Hi Linda,
    It was I who requested the photo of Provence from you. Thank you for checking. I thought you had forgetten and got a good chuckle when I saw your post script.
    Penny Toth

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