Tennis and Yogurt

It is slowly starting to warm up here in Paris. I’m so happy. It actually got up to 30 degrees F. yesterday and although it still felt cold outside, it was definitely warmer. There was snow on the ground two days ago, and we may get a snow flurry on Sunday but by next week my weather reports says the highs will be in the 40’s which makes me very happy. I’ve been out a bit but only took some videos so that’s all I’ve got.

A very short video I took in my local Monoprix showing all of the yogurt for sale. There is also a look at the cheese but this wasn’t all of it. There is also packaged cheese in another long refrigerated unit. I was getting some strange looks so I stopped.

Something else we did, the day of the snow, was go to a tennis tournament called the GDF Suez Open where top women in professional tennis play. We usually go each year. I like women’s tennis much more than men’s as you don’t have those sometimes four or five hour games. When the players for the match were announced it was rather spectacular with rock star lights and music. I have a bit of Maria Sharapova playing trying to capture that noise she makes when she hits the ball. Maurice and I saw her at the qualifying event at Rolland Garros when she just came on the scene. She was making that noise even then. We watched for a while and she was losing and we went to another court but kept hearing her play and when we went back she had made a come back and won the game. She has a lot of spirit.

4 thoughts to “Tennis and Yogurt”

  1. The eeasons seem to pass so fast in the nortnern hemisphere! Dark at 4pm in Dec. and now spring is clearly in the air in Feb! We will be in Paris next month and I can’t wait … though not sure exactly what time the sun will set!

    Great photos as always – cheers.

  2. Ah, the cheese. I was thrilled to find St.Agur cheese here in Vancouver – the package is exactly like the ones sold in France, only twice the price. It’s so good! I thought we had lots of yogurt here, but that is amazing! I wonder how much gets thrown out.

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