Well, Valentine’s Day is almost here. We don’t have any plans to eat out for a romantic dinner. It would be nice to get flowers-I always like that. On the way to pick up my much needed new glasses-how I have missed them-I saw a couple of windows with St Valentine’s Day decorations.

I love tulips. These were displayed interestingly with the leaves. I don’t know if you take them off when you get home or not.

Nice display in the window of a florist.

Just look at that fabulous blue sky behind a local church. It’s nice not to have gray skies but it is still really cold, about 17 degrees with windchill on top of that. I saw on my weather forecast for Paris that the temps will get in the 40’s next week but, of course, with showers. I’m not going to complain though after the rough two weeks of cold we’ve had.

The two columns at Nation. I just liked the light and, of course, the blue sky.

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  1. Happy Valentines’s Day Linda and Maurice. We have beautiful blue skies here after a rainy few days. We’re headed for a romantic dinner tonight at Bistro Moulin, one of our favorite restaurants. We’ll raise a glass to you and to our wonderful memories of France.

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