A few more shots taken at the Grand Palais:

Some of the Belle Epoque architecture there in the Grand Palais. This type of architecture was done up until WWI.

From a balcony you can see an enormous map of France that was on the floor.

I liked seeing people looking and trying to locate various places on it.

We walked around the map and found the village in Provence where we once lived and then this, Chatelaillon, where our next place will someday be-September probably.

There was an enormous copy of a painting of the longest artificial harbor in the world with a huge relief map of Cherbourg also on display. The French had to defend the Atlantic coast, especially the part across from England. They had agreed to help America with its fight for independence and were afraid the English would retaliate. It was eventually finished in Napoleon’s time.

Outside is a statue of Clemenseau who was a leader in France during WWI. Maurice said he was rather like Churchill in England though at a different time.

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  1. You must have learned so much about French history visiting this exhibit. Is Maurice a big history buff? Or maybe all French people know about their country’s history. Earl reads every sign and looks at every detail.

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