Further Afield

The other day I was looking for a natural food store, called Naturala, to buy oat bran, something needed for this diet of mine. The first listing in my arrondissement turned out to be closed. And this was after I had walked quite a way. The second listing (in pages jaunes on the internet) wasn’t too much further away and, luckily, there was a nice new big store where is should be. In the process of getting there I wandered about new territory. Although it may have been in the 12th arrondissement, I had never been there as I seem to have stayed mostly in my own neighborhood. Anyway, I saw some interesting things.

Several streets had painted their poles in colorful hues. These poles are used to prevent parking on sidewalks and, believe me, if they aren’t present you will find cars all over the place.

Another street with poles painted in leopard prints and eyeballs.

These colorful tables and chairs caught my eye.

Many restaurants and bistros have the outdoor areas not only protected with plastic but also warmed inside with heaters. It is where the smokers sit, all nice and cozy.

When I got back to my neighborhood I saw a really dark sky and thought heavy rain was on its way but it turned out to be black smoke from a fire in the suburbs.

6 thoughts to “Further Afield”

  1. Love those bright shots of color against the grey of late winter. And that eyeball — don’t park here, m’sieur!

  2. oh those painted poles are a very creative idea! nicely done too.

    the building in the last pic looks so elegant. i wonder what it is.

  3. I want to put a ding in the universe.
    For several people, the weekly paycheck is ‘take-home pay’ because house is the one place they’re able to afford to go with it.

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