I really wanted to go to Venice to see the costumes at the carnival there but didn’t plan far enough ahead but I did read about a parade here in Paris and thought I would take a look. It didn’t turn out to be very special and once it started, there was no crowd control so people were as close and they could get to the parade participants and all you could see were moving heads. I didn’t stay to see it after a while but got a few photos here and there while waiting. I understand it was pretty good as it went along, just not at the start. Something to remember for next time.

The poster for the carnival which I didn’t like actually.

The zebra contingent.

I think had this been Brazil, there wouldn’t have been white, long sleeved t-shirts under the costumes. It was chilly though.

Home made tree goddess?

Two little cuties.

The crocodile contingent.

The parade started here in front of the Marie at Gambetta. The mayor of the arrondissement even gave a little speech.

4 thoughts to “Carnival”

  1. I didn’t know Paris celebrated with a parade. Well, maybe every big Catholic city does. Not here in boring Columbus though. The poster is confusing.

  2. That poster truly is awful! However, the little dark haired “butterfly girl” is adorable. Her expression is priceless.

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