That Diet

Well, I have continued on with the Dr. Dukan Diet. It hasn’t been hard as you can eat protein whenever you wish so hunger doesn’t become a problem and adding vegetables has really helped give some variety to my meals. I was looking through a metro newspaper that someone had left on the train and when I came to my horoscope it said, “Vous mangez mal” and then something about getting help. Our doctor would agree as she told me the diet was dangerous. What keeps me going is the fact that I am slowly but steadily losing weight, I feel good and especially the fact that Dr. Dukan says that if I follow the diet to the end I will keep the weight off. That’s what I really want. If I won’t gain the weight back I will keep on doing what I have to do.
To my surprise, Maurice announced that he wanted to do the diet too. Those of you who have met Maurice will be surprised that he needs to lose any weight as he looks trim and healthy but he has gained some weight that he doesn’t like and he can’t get it off. Our doctor told him he could anything he wanted as long as he just ate a little of everything but this obviously isn’t working for him. Cheese and bread does not contribute to weight loss as far as I can see. So the first day of the diet he sits down to eat lunch and it’s just a steak and he gives this huge sigh like he has to eat the worst thing in the world.

Maurice: “Can’t I have bread?”
Me: “No”.
Maurice:”How about some rice or potatoes?”
Me: “Nope, no vegetables for five days”.
Maurice: “Not even a salad?”
Me: “That would be considered a vegetable”.
Maurice”This diet just isn’t healthy. You should have variety”.
Me: “You can have variety when you add vegetables in five days.”
Maurice: “I can’t believe we have to eat this way the rest of our lives”
Me: “As I said, it’s temporary. At the end we can eat normally except for one day a week”.
Maurice: “It’s genetic for me to eat bread and cheese. I’m really suffering here”.
Me: “Sigh”
Then he goes to the grocery store and brings home Ile Flotant because he read it’s on the diet but he didn’t read that it had to be zero percent fat. He’s so hungry for something sweet that he eats it anyway. He sneaks some cheese now and then but hasn’t had bread. I keep telling him to just quit if it’s so hard but he’s hanging in there and is slowly losing weight. He doubts that he can get down where he wants and I look at where I’m supposed to arrive at the end of this and feel a little helpless and not very hopeful but then I weigh myself and I’ve lost a little more so I continue on.

Eggs in the window of a creperie. WE can’t have crepes but we can have eggs.

Some of the things we can’t eat-just can look at them.

No happy hours either except for water or a diet Coke.


Finger snacking? I guess this means hors d’ouvres you can eat without forks and knives. It just sort of struck me funny.

5 thoughts to “That Diet”

  1. “Finger snacking” – that’s another classic! I love finding funny signs the French write in English.

    I loved the dialogue between you and Maurice: “I’m really suffering here” and it was only his first day with NO BREAD. Poor Maurice. 🙂

  2. Awww, pauvre Maurice. No cheese?

    With all protein and no carbs, this sounds a lot like the Adkins diet. From what I’ve read about these, doing them short-term isn’t bad, but obsessive long-term isn’t so good.

    Love “finger snacking” — less visceral somehow than “finger food.”

  3. OMG! And this is the man who drove 10 minutes each morning to get his bread…who trudged through the snow to have a fresh baguette each day? Oh, Maurice – this must be torture for you. As our former prez once said, “I feel your pain.”

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