I was up in Montmartre the other day with a friend who lives there and she took me to a relatively new boulangerie called Chez Gomtran at 22, rue Caulaincourt. It was started by a young man who has a cooking show in France and is known for his breads. The shop has a really nice ambiance and the bread, sandwiches, and desserts look fabulous.

A look at some of what is offered.

This man in the motorcycle helmet was funny. I was taking a photo of the breads reflected in a mirror and his came up beside me and pretended to be taking a big bite. He was funny and sort of forward, not your usual restrained Frenchman.

The sandwiches-to die for.

And look at this black bread. They make it black with squid ink. I need to find out if it has a sort of fishy taste or not. I suspect not.

A short video I did to show you what is for sale. My friend joins in at the end talking about the black buns.

5 thoughts to “Bread”

  1. Hmmm. The bread and food all looks terrific. Were you able to have some or are you still following the diet? I am curious about that black bread. The paprika bread has to have a different taste, right?

  2. If a French chef is known for his bread, you can be sure it is very, very good! What a lovely and delicious array of breads and pastries and sandwiches. Are brownies unusual to find in France? For some reason I think of them as an American invention, but I don’t know why that would be. My husband adores brownies..I bet those are exceptional!

  3. I just discovered this place last week and am totally in love with these bagel sandwiches they make. Will be putting this on my favorites list for our seasonal guests because it’s just down the street from the apartment!

    Plus you can actually eat IN the boulangerie, something you can’t do in most of them.

  4. Bread and pastries to die for! Love that you are doing the videos as well.

    Do they have tables inside or out where you can sit and enjoy their food? Sounds perfect.

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