Montmartre Again

I’m up in Montmartre often. I was showing my son around the area this last time. He’s been there several times and likes to stop in the very first crepe place he found in Paris and had Elephant Beer, what ever that is. We had a rather dreary day and even though the temperature said it was in the low forties, it didn’t feel like it, especially when it started raining. Still, we had fun.

You can see the dark sky behind Sacre Coeur.

A view of Sacre Coeur from Place de Tetre where a few hardy artists were trying to sell paintings.

My, did these smell good. I was very tempted.

A famous chocolate shop-top awards won. Don’t they look beautiful? I didn’t have any though.

One thought to “Montmartre Again”

  1. You are still being so good on your diet! It’s sweet that your son remembers that first crepe shop and wants to return. I suppose that will always be his favorite.

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