Tuleries Garden

The Tuleries is not my favorite place to visit. It’s not full of beautiful flowers like the Luxembourg Garden and there are acres of dusty dirt you have to walk through and I always come home with dust covered shoes. There are always tons of tourists too so it’s crowded. I’m not a fan of crowds. Anyway, I was there the other day and here’s what I saw:

There are sculptured statues everywhere. This one caught my eye because of the light on it.

This is who it is. I had never heard of him.

And then I saw this. He was the author of Puss In Boots. I had no idea. I’ve never noticed this sculpture before. Always something new to learn and see.

A couple in love by the pond there.

The reason I went there was to check out the Colette Carnival taking place on the last week-end of fashion week. It was in a circus tent which should have been ten times larger. It was just packed with people and it was very hot. It had some fun things having to so with fashion mostly, lots of things for children and food. I could only handle it for about ten minutes though. I don’t like pushing through crowds and heat always gets to me. At least I got out and tried.

6 thoughts to “Tuleries Garden”

  1. Love the Puss in Boots statue.

    As I remember, tuiles means “tile” and many years ago, the Tuileries was the location for making roof tiles.

  2. I am constantly looking up details, after getting a vague ‘hint’ of something intriguing from “Frenchless in France”… I’d love to see far more content, and response to comments. The photos are nice, but,from a tour guide/blogger, I am forever hoping for more detail. Please?

  3. I totally agree, Tuleries is far too messy for my liking. The statue looks cute though, I will be sure to check it out next time!

  4. I love the Tuileries, aong with the other (and very different!) gardens of Paris, but so true about the dust — especially in a warm and dry week like this one!

    Our shoes were covered after walking with friends there on two different days. My hubby kept busy cleaning them each night (good man that he is!) and yesterday it seemed the city workers had finally hosed it down a bit.

    Anyway, great photos as usual! Hope our paths cross in person one of these time. Cheers.

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