Place Vendome

There was a huge fire two weeks or so ago in the underground parking garage across from the Ritz Hotel. We had even parked there once. The fire was started by an over-heated Ferrari and it caused over six million Euros damage as the lot was full of very high end cars. A couple of days later when I was there, there was still a very strong odor of burned metal and rubber.

They have this decorative barrier up in front of the Ritz as it undergoes renovation. It’s going to be closed for two years. Can you imagine that? I don’t think many places would be able to reopen after that length of time but I’m sure they will have no problem. I always thought it looked a bit dated inside myself-not that they asked me.

Ouch! I would take a taxi too if I wore these. Heels are no longer in my life-just too uncomfortable for me.

I’m seeing more and more of this grafitti around. This was in the Left Bank area.

The window at Laduree celebrating 150 years of existence. I didn’t realize that they had been around that long.

5 thoughts to “Place Vendome”

  1. Wow, 2 years is a long time. I’ve only been in the basement kitchens of the Ritz to visit a friend of a friend that was taking classes there.

  2. That barrier looks so confusing. I was trying to tip my head to figure out how those people were walking. The Laduree window looks scrumptious.

  3. I’m happy platforms are back because at least I can get a little height without the pain! LOVE Laduree’s!!Their windows are knock-dead gorgeous, always!!!

  4. And may Laduree be around for another 150 years!

    Oh darn! And I was planning to stay at the Ritz my next trip. 🙂 It probably does need updating, but I hope they retain the old world elegance; (not that I’ll ever see the inside of one of the rooms.) There are many other places for those who require a modernistic edge to their accommodations.

  5. Laduree opened a store in NYC, but I have still never seen a box,here in the Southwest, despite everyone’s raving about how spectacularly good they are. Some things are better in legend than reality, so I will wait as long as I need to for a taste. Their displays and boxes are very pretty…

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