There are chocolate shops all over Paris. I was recently in Patrick Roger. I like to look at his displays. They are usually huge and very creative and made of chocolate as you might expect.

Some little chickens sitting on what I think are chocolate eggs. It sort of looked like the surface of Mars.

A box with a selection of his chocolates. Notice the little white foot prints on some. The chocolate is very good but, as you might expect for something made by hand, expensive. We’re not talking about M&Ms here.

Another box.

I’ve seen this sign on sidewalks all over Paris advertising some sort of Cinema of Tim Burton. I think most of his work, while very creative, is sort of strange so I won’t be going.

7 thoughts to “Chocolate”

  1. oh, those chocolates! I love how they look in the matching boxes- art to eat. It’s so hard to find good chocolate here…which could be a blessing in disguise 🙂

  2. Chocolate, yum. That first picture is charming, makes me think of rows of theatre seats turned up before the audience enters.

  3. I’ve been reading books by Joanne Harris, CHOCOLAT and THE GIRL WITH NO SHADOW. Your photos are perfect illustrations! I can smell the ‘goodness’. Thanks.

  4. Burton exhibit is at the cinematheque in Bercy and wonderful. I have had so many good surprises going to exhibits of people I did not like or thought I did not like because I did not know much.
    Expand my view. Discover new things. Get out of my level of comfort… It is my motto for this year.

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