A Hidden Corner

In one of those hidden courtyards off of Rue du Temple in the Marais is a nice surprise. Inside is the home of the Cafe de la Gare which is actually a small theatre. When you enter the courtyard you can hear music and sometimes the rythmic stamp of feet doing a flaminco as there are dance classes going on on all sides. I was meeting friends at a cafe there in that courtyard at what turned out to be a mexican restaurant.

The entryway into the courtyard.

One of the walls inside the restaurant called The Studio. Not what you expect to see in Paris.

The other side. I thought it was very colorful and authentic looking. I looked at the menu and it seemed rather expensive to me. I’m sort of cheap when it comes to Mexican food.

Just down the street was this bookstore with an interesting name. I’m sure if I went in I could find out where the name came from.

Just for fun, here is the webcam of that courtyard. You can sometimes see two dogs. One is the mother. A friend told me this. She comes to this website everyday and she saw one rather fat dog, and then, a little later on, two dogs. She never saw the puppies though.

4 thoughts to “A Hidden Corner”

  1. I never eat much Mexican food in France, but it seems that it is quite popular now, as is “South American” food, whatever that means. We actually have a South American restaurant in Rodez!

  2. That Mexican restaurant has been around for ages! My daughter used to take dance lessons there and while waiting for her to finish her classes we’d nurse Margaritas and nibble on guacomole and corn chips…

  3. Interesting courtyard, but you must go back and give us the scoop on the bookstore, I really miss all of our independent bookstores that were put out of business by Borders. And now Borders is gone!

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