The Beach

For my birthday this last weekend, Maurice and I went to Chatelallion where we will one day have an apartment. The last time we were there it was just an empty space but there is a building there now and things are moving along but it will still be September or maybe even October before it will be finished. We stayed at a nice hotel just up the beach and Maurice signed us up for Thalassotherapy, something new to me. Thalassa means “sea” and there is, in fact, a very nice TV show here of that name in France all about the oceans and people and countries involved with the sea. So, as you might expect, Thallasotherapy involves sea water, warmed up and used in various ways. In the early 1900’s it was very popular in France and led to a lot of spas being built. So, we had some exercises in a sea water pool, a massage under a shower of warm water, jacuzzi treatments and once we were coated with an algae solution and then wrapped up liked chickens in plastic and then a warm blanket where we rested in a dark room with soft music and bird calls overhead. It was an interesting experience.

There was a sort of party going on down the beach and these young people went out into the water for a photo. You can see that even that far out, it is very shallow. Some people went out even further. Around Easter there is what is called the Great Tide with a very high tide and a low tide. A man told us that on that day you can walk from the shore several miles out to an island. I’d like to try that sometime. There are many rocky areas along the shore which are perfect for oysters and we could see trucks and tractors out each morning and evening collecting oysters in large sacks.

I liked this little place right by the small harbor and a short walk from our apartment to be. The owner was a local and told us all sorts of things about the area. So far, all of the people that we have met here have been very friendly.

A house along the beach sweetly painted.

Our apartment will be the one on the right. I would have loved the one next to it as it has a larger terrace but it only has one bedroom.

Our view. I can’t wait to sit on the terrace and watch the sun set and rise.

A sunset from our hotel. Here and there I was reminded of Pebble Beach in California.

Hard to beat this sunset. I love being close to nature.
Here is the link to a webcam at Chatelaillon. It recycles in 15 minute bits and it stops being accurate at 6:45 PM until 8 AM but it will give you an idea at how lovely it is there. I always love the light. Our place will be waaaay down the beach. We used to be able to spot the site because there was a crane there but they took it down when we were there. There will be a kite festival this coming weekend. I plan to check in several times to see what’s going on. I look at the webcam at least once a day as it is.

3 thoughts to “The Beach”

  1. Linda, The strange therapy sounds wonderfully relaxing and I’m awfully jealous of your future sea view. Bet you love living there.

  2. Happy belated birthday. The spa sounds marvelous. We had a similar experience in Baden Baden and it’s one of my favorite memories.

    It’s so exciting to see your apartment finally taking shape. I’m glad that you got the 2 bedroom one just in case you want me to come over to confirm that it looks like Pebble Beach.

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