This and That

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Mine was quiet but we did have friends over for a lunch of lamb and white beans, a French tradition.

A mix of photos. I took some of them so long ago that I’m not sure where I took the photo sometimes.

This grafitti was off Rue du Buci covering a whole wall. Could it be Kate Moss?

This certainly caught my eye. I’m not sure what’s streaming out from his chest, probably not just heat.

Some ancient steps with the sun softly shining on them.

I think this was in the church of St Germain des Pres. It’s usually a very dark building but the sun came in the window while I was there catching this saint in the sun and casting shadows.

I thought when I first saw this bike outside the window that it was a clever way to store a bike in a small Paris apartment. After I took the photo and was walking by, I noticed that there was a bicycle rental place below.

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  1. I wish all graffiti was interesting, rather than people just scrawling their names on buildings. I love those steps. They’re so French.

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