Looking for Spring

Last week we had a couple of fabulous days that were in the 70’s.(Somehow I wrote this post and misplaced it so it was written about six weeks ago. It is in the 50’s again this week.) I decided to stop at Palais Royal to look at their flowers. The bulbs there are always great.

When I exited the metro, I saw this daffodil display. They were selling them to raise money for something.

The park there was packed with people enjoying the sun and mild weather. This park is used by many people in the area for kids to play even though there are no swings or things like that. They also use this contemporary “art” to play or sit on.

A bride and groom were there getting photos taken.

What I call a tulip tree. I think that’s what it’s called. It didn’t look very full either because I was there too early or because our Siberian cold front did a number on it.

There is a small area with grass but, as you can see, you aren’t allowed to get on it.

In Place Colette, people enjoying a drink outside the cafe there. Such a nice day.

2 thoughts to “Looking for Spring”

  1. That tulip tree looks similar to the magnolia blossoms we have here. It’s such a relief when the weather turns warm, isn’t it? Our weather is cold again, in the 50s but I won’t complain. Everything is blooming gorgeously.

  2. Ah….you hit some of my favorites, including Le Nemours, one of my faves for people-watching and just chillin’.

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