Palais Royal and Beyond

I was in the neighborhood of Palais Royal and I never pass up a chance to take a look inside the garden, especially in the Spring when so many things are blooming.

It has been gray and a little rainy here in Paris but, this being Spring, the sun can suddenly come out as it did in this case. It absolutely poured in and it was so brilliant that I needed sunglasses, something I don’t often need in Paris.

The daffodils are gone but the tulips were still going strong.

I headed through Palais Royal out the other side to rue des Petits Champs and saw this little restaurant with its bright red exterior and a charming painting. It’s called Maceo. I ate there many years ago and it was very good.

I didn’t go across the street to look at the menu but I bet it’s good. There is a growing trend here to have quick meals, usually sandwiches, as those famous 2-3 hour lunches are mostly a thing of the past.

Across the street was Passage Choiseur, not as beautiful as some but it had some interesting shops inside and some places to eat. I liked the entrance.

And here it is inside. It was fairly early in the morning and there weren’t many people about.

3 thoughts to “Palais Royal and Beyond”

  1. Ha! I ate lunch at the Rutabaga resto by Palais Royal when I was in Paris last November. We had quiche and salad and my husband had a specialty beer. It was quite good and they took “tickets resto”.

  2. The Maceo chef with the poisson under his arm makes me smile, and think that lunch at his place would be a happy experience. Great picture.

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