Rue des Martyrs

The rue des Martyrs is getting quite a bit of press on all that is available there. It starts way up at Abbesses in Montmartre but it’s quite a way down the hill before you start hitting the interesting area.

There was this nice little, new to me, chocolate store with places all over France. The chef has won a major French award for both his chocolate and his pastries.

They sold chocolate with violet in it.

And something I’ve never seen before, crepes in a jar with armagnac sauce. Yum.

Lenny Kravatz has a sushi type place with lots to go. I had no idea he was into food.

I liked the fresh green of this chestnut tree.

We got a glimpse of Sacre Coeur with the sun shining on it against the dark gray sky. It looked like it was getting ready to pour so I headed home.

6 thoughts to “Rue des Martyrs”

  1. I go there regularly as it is a market street closed to traffic on Sundays and a short walk from where I live. Metro Notre Dame des Laurettes L12.

  2. Everything looks so upscale. Was it all expensive, or normal priced for Paris? Wish I could walk along that street. Thanks for taking me there.

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