Around la Madeleine

I sometimes find myself in the Madeleine neighborhood and, if I have time, I take a look around the the area surrounding the church as there are always interesting windows.

The church in the middle of the square. As you can see, it’s close to raining. We’ve been having a rainy week with more to come.

l’Ecluse is a very good wine bar with the wines all being from Bordeaux.

A shop selling Russian caviar.

There is a new Mariages Freres Tea shop there. They are selling a new tea called dragon as you can see by the window.

Across the square is Fauchon with its pink umbrellas for eating outside.

Fauchon’s almost always has luscious looking lips somewhere in the windows.

3 thoughts to “Around la Madeleine”

  1. beautiful pictures.
    Life is too short to suffer and be consumed with what you eat. Just eat everything…only half of it. My friend lost 40 lbs and has maintained for 3 years. If she doesn’t like something she removes it from her mouth. She only eats half of anything…that includes desert.

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