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Once again I have some unrelated photos, at least as far as location. I guess I could put them all under the title of “Weather”.

This being April and April being a month with unpredictable weather, I’ve been seeing a lot of dark skies and then, suddenly, sunshine. I like dark skies, really-so dramatic. I saw this view when we were at the market at Nation and liked the tower against the gray sky and the green chestnut tree in front.

This was especially dramatic with the sun shining on the white building and the dark sky behind. It was on our block across the street from our apartment building. It poured rain that night.

What better way is there to warm up on a cold, rainy day than with a pot of tea? I loved these little pink metal pots and the tea was good too-bourbon vanilla.

That diet. So, in case anyone was wondering how that Dr. Dukan Diet is going I thought I’d report in. Maurice and I are both now in the 3rd part, the part where the diet is finished and you are in the maintenance phase. In fact, I just couldn’t reach the weight I was supposed to and, after a week, I decided to stop anyway as that seemed to be where my body wanted to be. I was so nervous about putting on weight in part three that I went down to the desired weight. In part three you can now have a piece of fruit each day, two pieces of whole wheat bread and one normal meal a week with a starter, main plate, dessert and wine. Each time we’ve had this we have gained weight the next day which is discouraging. Oh, and one day a week you are back on strictly protein. It’s really hard for me to do this as I start craving the bread and, usually, my apple. I haven’t stayed at my weight that I worked to hard to reach, but sort of hover above it sometimes more, sometimes closer. I’m just hoping that when I am able to eat two normal meals a week that it doesn’t all start coming back. I have to stay on this part three until July 10th (5 days for every one pound lost). I’ll even have to try and eat as I should while I’m in the States which may be difficult. I don’t think Mexican food will do me any favors.

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  1. Linda, I took the oat bran portion of your diet and paired it with green tea extract supplements from the dollar store and it’s working like a charm. I’m eating 4 servings of fruit a day, but otherwise just following a very low sugar-high fiber diet. Whole grain Triscuit crackers, sometimes with hummus, as a snack – even at night if I’m up late enough to get hungry. But with the oat bran, I’m rarely starving.

    Mainly I’m just eating like a diabetic, even tho I’m not, trying to keep the blood sugar levels steady. But I was doing that before and still struggling. Starting the green tea pills made all the difference. I tried the actual tea first, but the extract works better.

    At 58, my metabolism just needed a boost. And the caffeine natural to the tea seems to be doing the trick. I’m losing 2.5 to 3 pounds a week without getting very hungry or having cravings. And without exercising, which would also boost the metabolism, but would require more effort than I’m willing to expend at this point.

    When I reach my desired weight, I’m going to quit the green tea supplements but continue the oat bran. If I splurge on occasion, after I reach maintenance stage, and put a few pounds back on, I’ll just go back to the tea supplements for a week or so. Green tea is supposed to be amazingly healthy in spite of the caffeine, so I don’t think they’re harmful in any way.

    Anyway, you may want to think about trying it out. I’m sure they can be found in Paris somewhere. Maybe even easier than the oat bran. 🙂

  2. You and your husband didn’t look over-weight to me. Now, I wonder what you look like. I could never do a highly restrictive diet. I have just been eating more well-balanced, less bread and wine, and exercising more. But it’s true that I don’t see results very quickly…

  3. The sky in photo 2 is gorgeous.
    I think its mainly sodium in food that makes it seem as if you gain weight.
    Diets are usually pretty low sodium so you lose water weight and adding sodium back in helps you retain water I think. I could be wrong, but I know Mexican food does that to me quite a lot.

  4. Yes, the color of the sky in both photos is so dramatic and contrasts with the sun shining where you are great photos. Nice job on the diet. I exercise more, but then I just find myself eating more, so it’s a lose/lose problem.

  5. France does have some beautiful weather and climates, especially southwest France. My family and I rent a Chateau every couple years near Biarritz.

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