There Was Sun

France, and in fact, Europe is having day after day of rain making it hard to get any photos although I’m sure some photos with glistening streets reflecting lights and puddles reflecting clouds might be interesting but I have to get out of the apartment first and the sound of rain falling on the tin lining outside our bedroom window always discourages me. I see there is a weather report of partly cloudy tomorrow and I must get out and breath in some fresh air and have a look around, camera in hand. Here are some photos from two weeks ago when the sun last shined all day. (April in Paris.)

The trees at the Palais Royal garden. Look: there are shadows from the sun!

Nothing to do with light but I’m always intrigued with this red velvet couch in a bistro in the Passage Vivienne.

A tea shop in Passage Vivienne with the sun coming in from sky lights up above.

There is all sorts of rod iron in the Palais Royal and most of it has the nice gold spears on top.

2 thoughts to “There Was Sun”

  1. How are you Linda! My daughters and I are at the house in Brittany and tuned in on your blog right away.

    The weather is the same in Brittany with rain every single day — but much needed. The earth is/was so dry that at first the rain just ran off, so farmers are hoping it permeates the land eventually. The other day we had gales with a month’s rain in one day. That storm brought down our beautiful old rose bush on the front the house, snapped a four-inch trunk about a foot from the ground. Seems Mother Nature is rather extreme these days.

  2. I don’t blame you for wanting to stay inside with the rain falling on the tin roof. I love that sound. When we were there 2 years ago (I know, I’m obsessing) the weather was sunny and in the 70s everyday. Must have been dumb luck. Hope you get some sun soon.

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