la Rochelle

This last weekend was what they call a bridge because a holiday falls close to it. In this case, May 1st, was on a Tuesday so many people took Monday off as well and had a long holiday weekend. We did the same with some of Maurice’s family and headed to la Rochelle and Chatelaillon which will be where our beach apartment will be one day. We made a day visit into nearby la Rochelle which is such a lovely and interesting city.

There are two light houses there right by the harbor, one red, one green, to guide boats into the narrow opening of the harbor. I just have a thing for light houses. I love the way they look and there is something romantic about guiding ships at night into safety.

Here is what a boat would see as it headed into the harbor. I love these two towers.

An interesting building with a model of an iron ship on the corner. There were a couple of buildings like this with some sort of tiles on the outside maybe covering timber in the building? One day I will find out.

I especially love this scallop shell on a freshly renovated building. So pretty.

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  1. I love the romance of ancient towers and walls. The ship building is very interesting- I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with tiles to simulate the wood.

  2. La Rochelle is a beautiful little city. Our fondest memories there were letting the kids ride the merry go round, although Spencer got in trouble for switching animals in the middle of the ride. He didn’t care cause he was scolded in French. Thanks for the great photos.

  3. It looks like a very interesting city, thanks. The navagation rules I learned were “green to starboard, red to port” outbound. And “red right returning” coming back into harbor. Useful in a place like that, I imagine, where you wouldn’t be able at night to see all the stonework or even the channel.

  4. What a lovely city! I hope to see it one day. I can see why they need 2 lighthouses, the harbor entrance looks very narrow. I too love lighthouses, and one of my great memories is of voting in the Pacific Grove lighthouse during the years we lived in that town. It no longer is a precinct, so I consider myself lucky to have had that experience.

    I love that the French put interesting things on the corner of buildings. The ship is unusual but I’ve never seen faux timbers made of tile before. Have fun exploring, Linda.

  5. Hi Linda…this look like a wonderful place. I really like that scallop shell as well as the sailing ship in the photo above. I look forward to seeing more.

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