Each time Maurice and I return to what will be our new place in Chatelaillon we leave very happy that this is where we decided to build. The little town is delightful, the beach beautiful and we always just feel good there.

Here’s our beach which goes on for quite a while. There’s a paved path higher up as well and we can walk or bike all the way to la Rochelle. We were sort of walking/jogging on the path and then decided to go down to the water where the sand is packed and all of the sudden I had all sorts of energy and we ran for quite a ways. Maybe it’s the ozone in the air.

We drove over to nearby Ile de Re while there which is a fairly popular island with the French. I had never heard of it before. It’s pretty perfect, sort of like Disneyland and full of tourists but still a delight to visit. I spotted this little fishing boat pulling into the little harbor.

And here is yet another lighthouse. They are just so photogenic.

There are donkeys on the island and they are famous for being “dressed” in little pants or culottes as they call them. I wonder who in the world thought this up? This small group of donkeys had little saddles on them for children to have rides.

Elegant door knocker on an elegant door.

There’s a huge beach there called the Plage des Bois which is sort of wild looking. When the tide goes out there are all sorts of tide pools to look at.

5 thoughts to “Happy”

  1. Your new place looks like a dream come true to me. Someday, we want to live either by a beach or up in the mountains…someday.

  2. What a wonderful place, Linda. You’ll be so happy there; I’m thrilled for you and Maurice. (the donkey is a hoot!)

  3. Places that cause one to break out running are often full of joy and beauty. Being on the shore always gives me that feeling.

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