France has a new president, Hollande, and we went to Bastille to watch the celebration there. It was full of people-most of them young- when we arrived but after thirty minutes or so more and more people poured into the square and we decided to leave. We had a hard time returning to the metro as you can see by the last part of the video.

3 thoughts to “Celebration”

  1. Incredible, thanks so much for sharing! It’s one thing to see photos but you really get a better sense of the atmosphere with video! Kicking myself now for not going out to Bastille last night.

  2. What fun to be there through your video! What are the sentiments in your household about the result?

  3. It looks like a very exciting time. I told my son it looks similar to the way the US celebrated when Obama won. He asked whether Hollande was black. I told him France hadn’t gotten that far!

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