Old Friends

I started using the Internet many years ago. It was in the days when you had to dial up and wait a long time until you heard that unique sound that said you were now online. I started out using AOL (America On Line) then and I’ve never changed although I keep being told that I should. AOL, back then, had many interesting boards or forums and I visited them often. I found that sharing problems and information with others in that setting to be very helpful. After I moved to Paris I went often to the Paris Board and not only learned a lot about Paris and France, but I also made some great friends who I met when they would come to Paris and organize group dinners or parties. There were so many really great people who have remained my friends to this day. One of these is Dezi-not her real name but her “handle” on AOL. She has been in Paris recently and Maurice and I met her for lunch and caught up. It makes me sad that the AOL boards are now gone. I guess it was trying to become more like Yahoo but I miss the old setup. Here are some photos from my walk around the Marais with Dezi.

She rented an apartment or two in this area. The cafe was under trees and pink blossoms were everywhere.

One of the statues of a Wallace fountain there had been “gussied up”.

A bike in front of a wine store.

Cute flower arrangement at a florist.

The lovely, ageless interior of a boulangerie.

6 thoughts to “Old Friends”

  1. Boy did you bring back memories with your description of the internet! I remember spending a lot of time sitting and waiting, it moved so slow back then, but the boards on homeschooling were great. Its amazing to think that 20 years later I video chat!

  2. Everywhere you go you find “true Paris” and share it. The bicycle with the wine box on the back tells a great story.

  3. I was on AOL and visited the Paris board many, many times before my first trip to Paris. That was in 2001 and when I met you,Dezi and many others from the board.I hope Dezi is doing well

  4. I too miss the old AOL boards. The Paris one kept me sane during the difficult years I took care of my Mom. I don’t miss the dial-up part though!

  5. I remember the good old days at the AOL Paris Board! I remember Chris ,Liz Glidden,another Linda (forgot the last name ,but it start with a C,Fred Melnick,And of course you ,Linda ….ahhhh,the good old days!

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