This and That

Here are some unrelated photos, all taken with my Iphone as I was here and there in Paris.

A view of the Arc de Triumph from the side. It was just nice to get another angle as I am so often seeing it from the front. It’s been the stage for a lot of action in the last couple of weeks, first with Veterans Day here in France and the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and then, yesterday, a visit from the newly elected President, Hollande. It poured and his suit was soaked. I saw this on the TV as I wasn’t there in person.

A view of Avenue Daumesnil. This is a line of shops, most having to do with decoration and very high end, that once housed wine. The Promenade Plantee is on top where an old railroad track once ran.

Some McDonald’s in Paris now have a little coffee section and you can even get their macarons. This sign shows a cafe gourmand, a little plate of tiny desserts to go with your coffee which many restaurants now serve.

This was the first iris I saw in bloom on Promenade Plantee. I never see one now without being reminded of Provence. The roses are starting to bloom as well.

3 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. Your here and there photos are very different form my here and there photos. I would be so sad to be in Paris and have macarons at McDonalds.

  2. The irises have been blooming for awhile now in Provence. They seem to be everywhere. I probably wouldn’t get a macaron at McDo either, Paulita.

  3. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen the Arc pictured from that angle. Thank you for a fresh eye on it.

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