Never Boring

I never get bored with the Left Bank. There’s always something interesting or beautiful to see.

The cow had me wondering if Paris was going to start one of those decorated cow displays again as they did-along with many other cities-several years ago.

I just loved the color and texture of the chairs and stools in this restaurant.

The desserts in the window of Gerard Mulot always look like art.

I don’t know how many more locks will fit onto this bridge crossing over to the Left Bank. They used to cut them off but now it looks like all of them will remain.

7 thoughts to “Never Boring”

  1. The cow is very elegant in her gold and red. When we were in Munich 6 years ago, they had lions decorated and along the streets. That sure is a bunch of locks. Can there really be that many people who are still in love?

  2. I hate the lock thing. Paris is romantic enough for lovers without putting ugly locks on the bridge to symbolize commitment. Funny – I didn’t mind seeing them on The Great Wall of China, but Paris???? No way!

  3. What an elegant cow. I’ve seen in various places decorated dogs, bears, sheep, even giant lobsters, but never cows. US cities tend to do them as fundraisers, usually for arts groups, so the critters are sold or auctioned at the end of their display period.

  4. I’ve had a lot of fun using your blog to check out Paris sites during my short stay here. Just crossed the bridge with the locks this morning. I have also tried to learn from the photos in your blog how to look at ordinary things (tables, chairs, window displays) with a fresh eye. I will be reading your blog in the future with great feelings of nostalgia.

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