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Recently, trying to do a little something different and wanting to walk around parts of Paris I’m not very familiar with, I decided to try a Street Art Tour and picked this one: . I’m always finding interesting street art around Paris-along with grafitti which I don’t like-so it was fun to walk around the Belleville, Oberkampf and Menilmontant areas and see some new things. We met our leader, Demian, a nice guy from England, at the Parmentier metro stop and set off from there.

The Space Alien is probably the best known. I’ve been seeing it for years-mosaic tiles made into the alien.

Here’s an enormous one slowing peeling off the wall.

Of course, there was Nemo, one of my favorites. He always gets permission to do his art.

This intricate art is done by a husband wife team.

We came upon a group of artists at work. The air was full of that smell of spray paint and I was worried about their lungs.

Some art on the ground.

Interesting. I’m sure it means something socially.

Another well known artist (I’ve blanked out on his name). The tree isn’t real-it’s painted on the wall.

A quick video taken during the tour.

So, the tour was fun and I’ve posted only a few of the many street art that we saw. It required a lot of walking, some of it uphill, so you have to be in fairly good shape to do the tour. I’m sure I was the oldest person on the tour as it is something young people are interested in as a rule but I found this whole other way of life interesting to hear about and see.

6 thoughts to “Street Art Tour”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Great post, photos and video! It was lovely to meet you on the tour!
    Kim (I’m the one who was wearing the Liberty-print Nikes that you liked)

  2. Yes, the tour is a great idea. Another way for innovative people to make money in Paris. Now I just need to think of one so I can move over there. That tree looks so real. I can’t believe it’s painted on.

  3. The photos were great. Then I felt the video was moving too fast but when you slowed down or even stopped for a second I was able to really appreciate what I was looking at. I was not bothered by the art on the sides of the buildings because they were so plain but when I saw the painting on the rock walls at first I was upset but then I realized it was only paint and could appreciate it for what it was, meaning contemporary art and not meant to last forever.

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