What I Saw

While on the Street Art Tour in neighborhoods new to me, I saw lots of things to photograph.

The reflection in a cracked rear view mirror.

I liked this coffee cup painted on one of those protective doors covering a shop.

I wanted to get both yellow clad legs as this lady quickly walked by but only got one.

Sort of a scary fellow to have over your door.

You can see how high the area was where we walked. I seldom see the Pompidou Museum from above-just at Montmartre in front of Sacre Coeur.

One of the street cleaners. He could hardly walk and looked to be way beyond retirement age. For some reason, this often seems to be the case in Paris. You never see them energetically sweeping the street, just using their brooms here and there and slowly moving along.

He had turned on the water which then rushes into the gutter taking debris into the sewer system. Being from Texas I was at first appalled when I saw this, feeling it really wasted water but, then, they didn’t ask me my opinion, and I think it is waste water.

4 thoughts to “What I Saw”

  1. That IS an unusual shot of the Pompidou. Did you actually climb that hill or take the tram? It looks like something out of an “ironman” competition, and would have done me in.

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